Everything starts from our inner compass

Self-connection and connecting with our intuition is instrumental in finding clarity and knowing what feels right for ourselves.  It's also a monumental catalyst for healing, learning, and deeper self-discovery.
Being an Intuitive as well as a professional teaching artist and an MFA in Creative Inquiry, Interdisciplinary Arts, I am constantly both connecting with myself and my own intuition and helping folks to connect with theirs--often using visual art as a vehicle.  I deeply love creating compassionate space for folks to simply be, explore, and connect with themselves.
Winter is such a great time for sitting and getting in touch with our inner selves. The year is coming to an end and there is less sunlight in earth's northern hemisphere. It's a perfect opportunity to rest, reflect, and connect with our own inner light--our own north star--our intuition.
Come sit, relax, reflect and have some fun...
This month I'm offering Winter Flow--a two session workshop where folks get to experience connecting with themselves and their intuition through intuition development experiences, visualization, inquiry, and vehicles such as playful drawing and free writing--using inspiration from striking winter-related imagery. No drawing or writing experience is necessary.
Benefits/ Takeaways/ Byproducts:
Some examples of benefits/ takeaways/ byproducts you may experience are.... ⭐️Experiencing connecting with yourself on a deeper level ⭐️Relieving stress ⭐️Connecting with your intuition ⭐️Experiencing letting go/ going with the flow/ allowing rather than trying to be in control  ⭐️Learning about creating intuitive abstract art ⭐️Increased self trust⭐️Learning basic drawing techniques⭐️Deeper self confidence ⭐️Experiencing your innate creativity ⭐️Self expression ⭐️Coming away with your own unique piece of art
For the workshop you will need: basic white sketch paper, pencil, eraser, colored pencils, pencil sharpener, pen, (pastels and black paper can also be used in addition but are optional)
Tech Stuff:
The workshop will be hosted on zoom so you'll need a computer or device with the zoom app installed as well as a mic and webcam.
Winter Flow will take place over two sessions; December 15th at 5pm to 7pm pacific time and December 21st from 5pm to 7pm pacific time.
The cost for the workshop (two 2 hour sessions) is $75
Join Us!
To participate in the workshop, send me a message via my contact page and let me know you are interested.  *Registration deadline is Monday December 13th 2021*